Sphinx is a professional solution for creating tailor-made surveys
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Sphinx is a professional solution for creating tailor-made surveys. Surveys can be made on any topic, and the forms can be published on the Internet and/or printed out.
This program features a neat user interface with step-by-step wizards that will help us make our own custom forms for polls, customer satisfaction surveys, opinions about present or future products, services, software, holidays, finance, and all sorts of consumerism and opinion surveys.

This application makes it very easy to create projects. When creating a questionnaire, we can choose from a list of generic questions (that include personal data) or pass on to global questions. Questions do not necessarily involve textual data, they may as well contain graphical forms with images, icons, logos, etc. The program also displays survey results using diagrams, reports, graphs, and other comprehensive visual forms. The surveys published on the Internet can later be saved as ready-to-print forms.

The free evaluation version includes several useful demos.

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  • Helpful wizards.
  • Free evaluation version.
  • Samples provided.
  • Professional-looking solution


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